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By admin, March 13, 2013 0 Latest News

‘The Rotten Roots’ is now available! It is the first novella published in the Trivial Trials series and is available on Kindle as an eBook. It follows the goblin, Zorgos the Darcian, as he slips into the murky realm of… Read More »

By admin, February 19, 2013 1 Latest News

Some hints and tips near the end Okay, so now you’ve sent your work out to the editor you can sit back and put your feet up right? Wrong, there’s still loads to do! Below I am going to give… Read More »

By admin, February 8, 2013 1 Latest News

After the first draft So you’ve finally finished that first draft, what do you do now?  If you’re like me then you’ll want to get it out there and crack on with the next writing project but then patience was… Read More »