Eventide: Part One of The Sepherene Chronicles

The Sepherene Chronicles

Angels have long since captivated me in both the fantastical sense as well as a religious one. There have been some pretty good portrayals of them in film and literature over the years as well as some clichéd, unimaginative ones. There is such a scope for story lines and creative potential, I often get disappointed that they haven’t been explored as a compelling topic for fiction as widely as some of the other themes out there. It led me to think about other reasons as to why angels might be walking amongst mankind and I wondered what it would be like if they had been cast down as a punishment and then had to seek redemption to earn their former position back.

And so with the inkling of an idea the story of Sepherene was born, a fallen angel who wants to return to the heavens and be forgiven for her past mistakes. Her journey is by no means straightforward though and her fellow brethren that she meets along the way do not make it any easier. If that wasn’t enough her choice of companion whom she chooses to carry her along has his own past that drags at his heels and adds a weighty burden.

Set within a colourful and futuristic universe, the four parts that make up the Sepherene Chronicles will appeal to fans of fantasy, sci-fi and religious fiction. Part one is called ‘Eventide’ and you can read the synopsis below.

I was really excited about getting this work out there and so moving away from the conventional, I decided that instead of only publishing this as a full novel I would also split it into four parts to be released separately over the coming months. This will be for the ebook market only but it will hopefully give people something to look forward to and add a little suspense to the proceedings. The final collective novel will of course be available as both a paperback and an ebook, and I hope to have it released by the summer of 2015.


Held within the soft embrace of semi-consciousness upon a strange world, Lucius can barely hear the argument that rages over his fate.  Little does he know they’re the voices of angels and that he is about to be pulled into an ancient struggle of epic proportions where more than his own destiny will hang in the balance.

In a time where religion has become no more than a convenient commodity and fallen angels bask within their god-like existence upon the mortal planes, can Lucius find the courage and will to see him through the trials that have now been laid before him? And will his newfound companion always be there to shine her light along the way?

Eventide is the first instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, a tale of unity and righteous endeavour where adversity lurks in every shadow and the line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred.

Eventide is available now on Amazon.

Why not have a listen to an extract of the story read by myself here:


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