Dark Shroud: Part Two of The Sepherene Chronicles

The Sepherene Chronicles

Part Two of The Sepherene Chronicles is now available and entitled, Dark Shroud. It is the longest part of the quartet and introduces some big new characters that will have an intricate role to play, as well as meeting up with some old faces again. I won’t go into too much detail on the latter part as I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but I would like to talk with you about two of the newcomers.

Firstly we have director Egan, the man in charge of Delphin who resides in the capitol city of Tyrins. He lives for the wealth and power of his position and has become so caught up in lining his own pocket that his own people have begun to suffer. Running the planet with an iron rod and even taxing the distribution of illicit goods to fill his coffers, he sees Lucius as another opportunity to make money and settle some old debts. But will Egan’s hold upon Lucius be firm enough or will he find that he’s finally bitten off more than he chew?

And there is Holus, an ancient being, one so old that he walked the mortal plane before the fallen angels were cast down. He is a Watcher, an oracle and great source of information, sent to earth to watch over the humans. Remaining true to his calling he did not interfere with the course of humanity and, as so many of his kind fell to earthly temptations, Holus, confined himself to isolation, buried deep beneath a great mountain upon Alpheus. Sepherene believes he is the key to locating her fallen brother, Eryman, but will Holus reveal himself to Lucius and help them with their quest?

I hope that you enjoyed Eventide and are looking forward to reading Dark Shroud, continuing on the journey with Sepherene and Lucius. You can find the synopsis and link to Dark Shroud below, but before I go I’d like to share with you what some readers have had to say about the series so far, as well as a small extract from the beginning:


Here is what some readers have said about The Sepherene Chronicles:

“Initially I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this book with its angels/religious angles and the good versus bad themes, but I found it a gritty SciFi and Fantasy read. Beazley has managed to create a unique lead character with real depth in Lucius, a soldier convinced to undertake a quest for a vengeful angel, Sepherene.”

“This book is part one of a series that I’m thoroughly looking forward to. Daniel’s writing shows great attention to detail both in the characters and the universe in which they live. I quickly found myself immersed in his world; the fights and battles, the humour, danger, strength and cunning where you soon realise nothing is just black and white!”


A brief extract from the beginning:

When the fickle hands of fate toy with the expectations of a brighter tomorrow, it is easy to feel dampened by melancholy.  The tendrils of despair whisper with their faint hiss of despondence and lend a weighted burden to weary shoulders.  They shine their light over the shadows of failures long since forgotten and cast a lurid glow on transgressions better left hidden.

“Remember,” they murmur, “lest you forget yourself, for you will never be free of the shackles of regret that bind you.”

Our past haunts us all and it is easy to lose our way, retracing faded footsteps through the cloying black of night.  It does not bode well to dwell in such dark places.  Turn instead towards the light of what is to come and look to our future with hope, for it is written that when judged, souls are measured in full and one righteous deed can far outweigh the festering rot of a mired past.

In the words of my father before me, “Why live within the pages of the same old book when you can take up a fresh sheet of paper and write your own destiny?”

Extract taken from The Sermon of Redemption, by Father Petrovoski


Lucius is on the path of redemption for his companion, Sepherene. As he faces the challenges that stand before him he realises his past lies hidden beneath a dark shroud.

Convicted of a crime he can’t recall, all he can do is continue along the road that Sepherene has chosen. But what if the deal he makes with his captor takes him elsewhere, who then should he follow? And who is this mysterious woman, Herane, and why does he feel so drawn to her? Will the ancient Watcher be the key to unlocking his past or will Lazrael manage to thwart his sister, Sepherene, before Lucius learns the truth?

Dark Shroud is the second instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where the fallen will not always rise and brother must fight sister.

Dark Shroud is available now on Amazon.



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