Night’s Shadow – Part three of The Sepherene Chronicles

The Sepherene Chronicles

Part three of The Sepherene Chronicles is now available and entitled, Night’s Shadow. This is the part where you finally get to delve a little deeper into Lucius’ past and get a glimpse of what truly happened. Lucius bumps into an old friend as well, someone who he soon finds out means much more to him than he first thought. Part three also begins a difficult time for Sepherene, where her life is put in great peril with only her companions there to save her. But if that’s not enough to whet your appetite then let me introduce you to some more of the characters.

Herane is back again in part three and plays a much bigger role. She finally reveals her power to Lucius which poses him with some difficult decisions. Not only that, Lucius starts to realise that this plainly dressed preacher has made much more of an impression upon him than he first thought. Painfully aware that Herane’s presence puts her at risk the longer she remains with him, will Lucius be able to release the one person with whom he holds the strongest bond?

The darkness of space also gives way to one of the most dangerous creatures yet, one that will test the resolve of Lucius and all of his companions. Known amongst the angels as the Devourer, Deinos, was once like them, but following a great war where he was left for dead, he has become twisted and bitter. Now he searches the galaxy for his own kind in an attempt to deal as much vengeance as he can, despoiling his brethren’s bodies and grotesquely augmenting himself along the way. Will Sepherene be able to stand against him where countless have fallen before?

I hope that you have enjoyed the series so far and that Night’s Shadow will continue to entertain you. Part three will begin to gather up the loose ends of the Chronicles and prepare us all for the epic finale that is currently underway and being penned as we speak. In the meantime, there have been some really encouraging reviews for Eventide and I would like to leave you with one of my favourites. I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy The Sepherene Chronicles and look forward to bringing you the final part soon.


Review for Eventide:

“Usually I don’t have much luck with angel books besides Thomas E. Sniegoski’s The Fallen novels and Lauren Kate’s Fallen novels. Eventide is now the best angel story I’ve ever read. It mixes fantasy and sci-fi together to create a new and fantastic setting.

Lucius Gavalas has an angel inside of him, Sepherene, who is out to put an end to other fallen angels believing that she will be accepted back if she succeeds. Lucius is the poor soul who ends up having his body used as Sepherene fights the fallen and he has the scars to prove it. We don’t learn a lot about him in this book but what we do is that he’s a haunted man and he’s fought addiction, using to dull the pain of his past.

I really enjoyed Eventide. This is the first story I’ve read from Beazley and it won’t be the last. The writing is smooth and the action scenes wonderfully detailed. This is a short read and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger but I wasn’t upset by that, it worked with what was happening.

So, if you’re into sci-fi, fantasy or a good angel story this is the book for you.” – Book Bird Reviews


 As Lucius continues on his journey, carrying the heavy burden of another, he finds himself closer to uncovering the mystery of his past. But it is only when the shadow of night gets darker and their enemies ever more powerful that he truly realises how much he has come to rely upon his companion, Sepherene.

By chance Lucius finds and rescues Herane, the attractive preacher he met on Delphin and hasn’t been able to forget since. He soon realises that she has the ability to uncover the truth about what happened to his family but can Lucius bear to discover if he really was responsible for their murder? And there is still the debt to pay in Geryon but horrors beyond imagining lurk in wait in the deepest void of space. As he and his companions journey there, it would seem that Sepherene may have met her match in the shape of The Devourer, Deinos, a fallen angel who has grotesquely augmented himself with drone-tech and human parts. Is Lucius and Sepherene’s quest about to end in failure?

Night’s Shadow is the third instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where blood is thicker than water and obscures the truth with uncertainty.

Night’s Shadow is available now on Amazon.


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