Eventide hits Kickstarter

Lazrael and Sepherene

“Eventide” – Part One of an incredible Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure, is being produced into a professionally read audiobook!

Have you ever thought about what would happen if an angel made a mistake? Maybe you’ve even considered that angels might walk among us? You may or may not be a religious person but the thought of higher entities waging a battle of good against evil appeals to many of us. I’ve enjoyed some exceptional tales about primordial beings both in the pages of books and on the big screen, so much so that I became impassioned and wanted to create something myself.

That is where Eventide and the Sepherene Chronicles began. The inkling of an idea took shape and I found myself on the quest of a fallen angel who sought redemption and a way back into the heavens. And the antagonists? Well there was absolutely no question, they had to be more of the same, fallen angels who have no intention of returning to the limitations of their previous existence, happy to walk the earthly planes and bask in the glory of a demi-god’s existence. And so the stage was set for a thought-provoking tale full of blistering action and heart-felt emotion.

Eventide is already available as an eBook and many are enjoying it, but I wanted more. I wanted to hear it read aloud and told with a voice that would captivate me and complement the depth of writing. After hours of research I came across Media Music Now, a very professional company based in the UK with some incredible voice-over talents. As with everything there is a price tag attached and that is why I’m asking you today if you’ll be willing to support my dream and make the Eventide audiobook a reality.

Your pledge will go towards the professional production and CD compiliation of the audiobook itself, as well as the artwork and graphic design for the project. So please put your hands in your pockets and dig deep for what is going to be the most entertaining angel story of all time, set in futuristic worlds and waging an age-old battle.

You can view my project on Kickstarter and there are some great rewards so it’s well worth you taking a look. Thanks again and remember, nobody is infallible, not even angels.


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