Sepherene: The Complete Chronicles

The Sepherene Chronicles

Lots has happened since the last update. First let’s talk about the positives and where better to start than with an incredible piece of artwork…

Sepherene: The Complete Chronicles

Having recently finished Part Four – Dawn of Hope, the Sepherene Chronicles is now complete. It has been a year in the making but I am really happy with the end result and I think you’re going to love it as well. With about 126k words it is a long novel but for those who like to have something they can get their teeth into, Sepherene: The Complete Chronicles is definitely going to satisfy.

With the help of my wife, we have sourced the incredible piece of cover art you saw above that was created by the very talented Renu Sharma. I think you’ll agree once you’ve read the book that the image really captures the angel Sepherene in all of her deadly glory.

Also the eBook is now available on Amazon, with the paperback coming soon.

A lot has inspired me to write this book including my love of angels, music and fantasy art. As always, I listened to loads of music whilst writing and when needing a nudge to keep going. I have created a playlist containing some of the more memorable tunes that helped me to make the Sepherene Chronicles what it is. You can find it below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Inspirational artwork on the internet helped me to envisage locations and characters within the story, and I have put some of these together as well, adding them below for you to take a look at. I think you’ll agree they’re fantastic and I take my hat off to the artists that created them.

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Just to refresh your memories and give you a quick taster if you haven’t heard of the Sepherene Chronicles before, I’ve added the blurbs from the four parts to give you an idea of what happens and hopefully whet your appetite enough to want to read some more.


Held within the soft embrace of semi-consciousness upon a strange world, Lucius can barely hear the argument that rages over his fate. Little does he know they’re the voices of angels and that he is about to be pulled into an ancient struggle of epic proportions where more than his own destiny will hang in the balance.
In a time where religion has become no more than a convenient commodity and fallen angels bask within their god-like existence upon the mortal planes, can Lucius find the courage and will to see him through the trials that have now been laid before him? And will his newfound companion always be there to shine her light along the way?
Eventide is the first instalment in The Sepherene Chronicles, a tale of unity and righteous endeavour where adversity lurks in every shadow and the line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred.

Dark Shroud

Lucius is on the path of redemption for his companion, Sepherene. As he faces the challenges that stand before him he realises his past lies hidden beneath a dark shroud.
Convicted of a crime he can’t recall, all he can do is continue along the road that Sepherene has chosen. But what if the deal he makes with his captor takes him elsewhere, who then should he follow? And who is this mysterious woman, Herane, and why does he feel so drawn to her? Will the ancient Watcher be the key to unlocking his past or will Lazrael manage to thwart his sister, Sepherene, before Lucius learns the truth?
Dark Shroud is the second instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where the fallen will not always rise and brother must fight sister.

Night’s Shadow

As Lucius continues on his journey, carrying the heavy burden of another, he finds himself closer to uncovering the mystery of his past. But it is only when the shadow of night gets darker and their enemies ever more powerful that he truly realises how much he has come to rely upon his companion, Sepherene.
By chance Lucius finds and rescues Herane, the attractive preacher he met on Delphin and hasn’t been able to forget since. He soon realises that she has the ability to uncover the truth about what happened to his family but can Lucius bear to discover if he really was responsible for their murder? And there is still the debt to pay in Geryon but horrors beyond imagining lurk in wait in the deepest void of space. As he and his companions journey there, it would seem that Sepherene may have met her match in the shape of The Devourer, Deinos, a fallen angel who has grotesquely augmented himself with drone-tech and human parts. Is Lucius and Sepherene’s quest about to end in failure?
Night’s Shadow is the third instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where blood is thicker than water and obscures the truth with uncertainty.

Dawn of Hope

As Sepherene and Lucius begin the final leg of their journey, the darkness becomes all-encompassing. Close ties are severed with an unforgiving turn of fate, and as the light of dawn bleeds into the night skies, Lucius must consider whether he is responsible for the blood that now stains his hands.
With Herane’s life hanging in the balance, can Lucius find someone to save the only person that he has begun to care for? And coming within reach of Geryon, can he trust that his comrade Iolaus will help her when all the captain can think about is vengeance?
Sepherene is closing in upon her chance of redemption but faces an unwelcome delay to the journey. She is unaware of the danger that awaits them on their arrival and the course of events that threatens to tear a rift between her and Lucius. Will they be strong enough to weather the storm or has their bond been stretched to its limits? And can she ever hope to conquer her fallen brother, Lazrael, and complete the final task without Lucius or will the turn of events cast her spirit into internal damnation?
Dawn of Hope is the fourth and final instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where redemption carries its own price and can be a heavy burden to bear.

And lastly I must mention my endeavour onto Kickstarter. Unfortunately Eventide: The Audiobook project didn’t receive enough funds to get created but it was my first dabble with crowdfunding and the support I did receive was incredible. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that pledged and hopefully there’ll be another chance soon to get involved with another project and see the audio dream come to fruition.

That’s all for now folks but keep your eyes peeled for the release of the paperback and more updates on future projects.


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