Big news for 2016


This is becoming a habit and not a good one at that! Another year has fled us and another year of neglect for my website. In my defence it has a busy one and lots has happened. Finishing the Sepherene Chronicles was a massive milestone for me and I really enjoyed writing it and how things developed. Although being a ‘seat of your pants’ writer can be difficult and involve far too much staring at a blank page, it does have its benefits. When you’re writing a scene and have no idea where it’s going the experience is almost like being there yourself. I had vague ideas of how things would end but the build up to it all was very exciting and even had me on the edge of my seat. Without wanting to say too much there are a couple of loose ends that would benefit from a sequel but there is nothing that will spoil things for the reader and leave them frustrated. Which leads me on to another piece of news that is much bigger and far more incredible…


…in December I signed with Realmwalker Publishing Group! They are planning to re-release all of my work to date and are waiting on another book in the Trivial Trials series. I’m absolutely ecstatic about the news and can’t wait to see the books branded. So if you’ve been looking for Goblins Know Best, The Rotten Roots, or any of the Sepherene Chronicles, then you now know where they’ve gone. Hopefully it won’t be long before they re-emerge looking all fresh and shiny.


The Realmwalker family are a very friendly bunch and have made me feel at home. One of the main deal clinchers for me however was the vision of their CEO, James Drake. After reading and listening to a number of interviews with him and learning of his plans for the future of this publishing group, I couldn’t wait to get onboard. His fresh thinking and hard work will definitely pay off and I couldn’t have found myself in a better place. There are already plans afoot for my scribblings that I won’t mention now but needless to say, it’s all exciting stuff.


So here’s to the coming year (*lifts a glass in toast), may it be as fruitful as the previous one and may the journey of Bogrot and Gorag be slightly less perilous, but still as calamitously eventful. I promise that I’ll be in touch soon!


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