This is the first instalment of The Sepherene Chronicles that explores the fictional world of fallen angels and their existence in our mortal realm.

Eventide is part one of a four part series that will be released in the coming months and introduces us to the angel, Sepherene, and her human companion, Lucius.


Held within the soft embrace of semi-consciousness upon a strange world, Lucius can barely hear the argument that rages over his fate. Little does he know they’re the voices of angels and that he is about to be pulled into an ancient struggle of epic proportions where more than his own destiny will hang in the balance.

In a time where religion has become no more than a convenient commodity and fallen angels bask within their god-like existence upon the mortal planes, can Lucius find the courage and will to see him through the trials that have now been laid before him? And will his newfound companion always be there to shine her light along the way?

Eventide is the first instalment in The Sepherene Chronicles, a tale of unity and righteous endeavour where adversity lurks in every shadow and the line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred.


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