This is the second instalment of The Sepherene Chronicles that explores the fictional world of fallen angels and their existence in our mortal realm.

Dark Shroud is part two of a four part series that will be released in the coming months and follows the angel, Sepherene, and her human companion, Lucius.


Lucius is on the path of redemption for his companion, Sepherene. As he faces the challenges that stand before him he realises his past lies hidden beneath a dark shroud.

Convicted of a crime he can’t recall, all he can do is continue along the road that Sepherene has chosen. But what if the deal he makes with his captor takes him elsewhere, who then should he follow? And who is this mysterious woman, Herane, and why does he feel so drawn to her? Will the ancient Watcher be the key to unlocking his past or will Lazrael manage to thwart his sister, Sepherene, before Lucius learns the truth?

Dark Shroud is the second instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where the fallen will not always rise and brother must fight sister.