This is the third instalment of The Sepherene Chronicles that explores the fictional world of fallen angels and their existence in our mortal realm.

Night’s Shadow is part three of a four part series that will be released in the coming months and follows the angel, Sepherene, and her human companion, Lucius.


As Lucius continues on his journey, carrying the heavy burden of another, he finds himself closer to uncovering the mystery of his past. But it is only when the shadow of night gets darker and their enemies ever more powerful that he truly realises how much he has come to rely upon his companion, Sepherene.

By chance Lucius finds and rescues Herane, the attractive preacher he met on Delphin and hasn’t been able to forget since. He soon realises that she has the ability to uncover the truth about what happened to his family but can Lucius bear to discover if he really was responsible for their murder? And there is still the debt to pay in Geryon but horrors beyond imagining lurk in wait in the deepest void of space. As he and his companions journey there, it would seem that Sepherene may have met her match in the shape of The Devourer, Deinos, a fallen angel who has grotesquely augmented himself with drone-tech and human parts. Is Lucius and Sepherene’s quest about to end in failure?

Night’s Shadow is the third instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where blood is thicker than water and obscures the truth with uncertainty.