DAWN OF HOPEThis is the fourth instalment of The Sepherene Chronicles that explores the fictional world of fallen angels and their existence in our mortal realm.

Dawn of Hope is the fourth and final part of the Sepherene Chronicles that follows the angel, Sepherene, and her human companion, Lucius.


As Sepherene and Lucius begin the final leg of their journey, the darkness becomes all-encompassing. Close ties are severed with an unforgiving turn of fate, and as the light of dawn bleeds into the night skies, Lucius must consider whether he is responsible for the blood that now stains his hands.
With Herane’s life hanging in the balance, can Lucius find someone to save the only person that he has begun to care for? And coming within reach of Geryon, can he trust that his comrade Iolaus will help her when all the captain can think about is vengeance?

Sepherene is closing in upon her chance of redemption but faces an unwelcome delay to the journey. She is unaware of the danger that awaits them on their arrival and the course of events that threatens to tear a rift between her and Lucius. Will they be strong enough to weather the storm or has their bond been stretched to its limits? And can she ever hope to conquer her fallen brother, Lazrael, and complete the final task without Lucius or will the turn of events cast her spirit into internal damnation?

Dawn of Hope is the fourth and final instalment in the Sepherene Chronicles, where redemption carries its own price and can be a heavy burden to bear.