Fantasy FactionSharag’s Shank

When orc meets goblin not only does an unusual partnership develop, but fame and fortune descend in a mix of dark deeds with an infectious bout of witty banter thrown in for good measure.

Sharag’s Shank relives the meeting of the goblin Bogrot Blistertooth and his orc companion Gorag Bather, talking for the first time about what prompted them to trek for three days into the den of the evil shaman, Sharag the Troll King, in what has become known as the
‘salvation of pixies’.

Available as part of the Fantasy Faction anthology.



Hides TowerDark Ascent

Skah’s most recent hunt was unlike any other. Discovering strange robed men digging in the fens, he chooses to follow them when they finally head north having excavated their prize. Tracking them for days they eventually come to a small village built around a black pillar. It is there where he bears witness to the most unthinkable evil and learns that the tower holds far more levels than the eye can see and not all of the stairs lead upwards.


Available as part of the Hides the Dark Tower anthology.



PhantaxisCoin for the Righteous

Warriors, berserkers and kidnappers are but a few of the players in a hunt to recover a stolen child. The loyalty, mettle and convictions of all will be tested to their utmost extreme.




Available as part of January 2017 edition of Phantaxis Magazine.