This is the first instalment of the Trivial Trials series that seeks to turn traditional fantasy and its stereotypes on their heads, mixing it all with a generous amount of humour.

Goblins Know Best is a satirical meander that follows a goblin and orc partnership on  their journey throughout the colourful world of Hiraxier where they meet all kinds of characters upon the way.


When goblin Bogrot Blistertooth meets orc Gorag Bather their lives become entwined and satirical chaos ensues. From the tented city of Kentai the unlikely pair set off along a bizarre path of adventures, meeting some strange and unscrupulous characters along the way and never quite knowing what’s waiting around the corner.

Whether it’s returning a stolen dragon, battling a boat full of dwarf pirates or hunting for a dryad’s foil, goblin intellect complements orc brawn in a series of tales that will have you laughing aloud and wondering what farcical madness will happen next.

Goblins Know Best is now available on Amazon