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By admin, August 12, 2015 0 Latest News

Lots has happened since the last update. First let’s talk about the positives and where better to start than with an incredible piece of artwork… Having recently finished Part Four – Dawn of Hope, the Sepherene Chronicles is now complete…. Read More »

By admin, May 8, 2015 0 Latest News

“Eventide” – Part One of an incredible Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure, is being produced into a professionally read audiobook! Have you ever thought about what would happen if an angel made a mistake? Maybe you’ve even considered that angels might walk… Read More »

By admin, October 1, 2014 0 Latest News

Angels have long since captivated me in both the fantastical sense as well as a religious one. There have been some pretty good portrayals of them in film and literature over the years as well as some clichéd, unimaginative ones…. Read More »